Being Hangla! Pardon the Sin of Gluttony Oh Lord.

Mail pe mail, mail pe mail, mail pe mail.

Yeh nainsaafi hai Manager sahib!

Alas, no heed was paid to this dhai kilo ka feminine voice.

And I returned home sloshed after nine hours of Herculean task. At such points in life all you can wish for is Maa k haat ka khana. But leading an independent life comes with quite a hefty price.(If in doubts, take a look at our country. Independent India has politicians! What worse could we have asked for?)

However, the rumbling stomach had to be fed and I took a look at my options.

a. Dhabe ka monotonous khana šŸ˜„

b. Opposite footpath se Vada Pav :”(

c. Pani pee aur so jaa! X(

Option C was immediately chucked off from the apartment window. I have a 82kg figure to maintain. Can’t compromise on that. Options A and B read grief all over it and in my pursuit to find Happiness (read: Kolkata style Biryani) I found Hangla’s!


Waiving off all my tiredness and not finding a partner in crime I took to road to the Chakala outlet of the restaurant chain, found myself a cosy- well not so cosy- corner and ordered Chicken Biryani.

Now, here is the thing, if you are looking for a lavish place with pristine white table clothes, dim lights, more waiters than customers,Hangla’s will be a disappointment. This quaint little place is about taking you back to the Food Capital with its aromatic dishes.

And while I sat there smiling away like a fool, soaking in the smell of Kolkata,Ā arrived the plate of yellow rice with a peeping white egg accompanied by the boastful Alu. Carefully hidden under the veil (rice) were the majestic pieces of chicken.


Forgetting basic etiquette, I simply dived in.

Aaah! Kolkata, I could feel you in every bite I took.

The soft, succulent dual chicken piecesĀ and the cooked to perfection rice won my heart. Well, as for the aloo, it was quite a struggle. Although this veggie is treated with much importance in my hometown, I don’t really have a ‘soft’ corner for it. Hence, No complaints Hangla’s.

Licking off the plate clean in less than 10 minutes I let out a satisfied burp. Ā The Rs. 200 spent was worth it, In fact, the MeeraKumari me would say, “Ae, Biryani, Hazaar Rs.Ā 200 kurbaan tumpe. Jannat ka swad dila diya!”

Few burps down, I found true love in Mumbai.

Scribblers Note: The relationship is going quite steady over the past months. The restaurant, although is not quite a renowned one in Kolkata, it keeps up to its name in the sleepless city of Mumbai and has outlets spread across the city. So no matter where you are, Being Hangla is always an option!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. saheli chakraborty says:

    It was cute and intresting..


  2. Pralay Nath Genda Swamy says:

    Its nice being a foodie. All on earth you think is of food.


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