A ‘misti’ lunch post salary day @ Sweet Bengal

“Your account XXXXXXXXX has been credited with INR XXXXX.” I jumped with joy. So did my teammates. I was the new Bakri who got her salary. This meant another free lunch for them. (Get me that person who said there are no free lunches!) Well, sacrificed I had to be. After much intense discussions, (We even used our conference room to discuss the restaurant possibilities) my manager came up with the brilliant idea that saved my pocket from burning an irreparable hole. “She is from Kolkata, let her treat us to misti dohi at Sweet Bengal in Hiranandani !” he said. Phew, that was a relief. One, I could get away spending less. Two, I can now give them an idea that we Bongs love our sweets and go beyond Misti Doi (Doi, guys not Dohi with a weird accent)

As the clock stroked 1:20, 5 hungry faces loomed over me and off we went to Hiranandani Galleria. My Good Samaritan Tridip guided us to Sweet Bengal. Before I start  with the desserts, the location is quite a puzzle to be solved. Up the stairs, around restaurants, down a bridge and a couple of shops down we found the sweet haven. Not sure about my colleagues, mine was definitely the happiest face.

Cream Chomchom

Chomchom, rasamalai, rosogolla, Gurer Sandesh, Dorbesh. It was like a joy ride at Nicco Park. With no sitting arrangements and so many of us the shop felt a little congested. Nevertheless we ordered baked Rosogolla, Cream Chomchom, Baked Doi and Malai Sandwich. Not comparing with Kolkata standards but the mistis were a perfect delight to my sweet tooth.

The Hero- Baked Rosogolla

The re-order of the Baked Rosogolla proved that he was the Hero of the meal. Indeed he was. Dipped in gur, the cold channa melted in my mouth. For the next five minutes all I could say was “MMMMMMM”. A couple of us wanted it warmed. Now this completely depends if you are a cold heart like me or a warm heart like my friends. The 15 minutes experience at the store was a decent one. So much so that taste of the gur lingered in my mouth for a good time.

Baked Misti Doi

I might land myself up there tomorrow again. For those wanting to ‘Experience Bengal’ in Mumbai, Sweet Bengal can be a go to place. You just need some assistance in locating the store if at Hiranandani. And going in smaller groups would be advisable!!!

P.S. Few items are mentioned don’t have supporting images, well, because friends couldn’t hold on to their horses!


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  1. congrats on the new salary or first salary? If I am not wrong Sweet bengal is the flagship brand from where Oh calcutta and others started


    1. foodmeeraetc says:

      Hi anindya, new month new salary. First in the new account.


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