To be mushy or not to be, that is the question

Roses are Red, Violets are blue. It’s a day to be mushy. Are you feeling the same too?



Disclaimer : If you are on this page, it can only mean two things 1. You are single and have nothing to do on Valentine’s day 2. You are an un-mushy lover like me. Either ways I take it, you wouldn’t take any offence from the following scribble.

“Good morning baby.”
“Dude, I am trying to get some sleep. Anything urgent?
“What’s wrong with you, it is Valentine’s day and all you think of is sleep!”
“Happy valentine’s day. Can I sleep now?”
Call disconnected.

Yes, that’s how my sweetheart and I started the day of love, 1409 km apart. Just to clarify, that was not a fight. It was something Mr. Online Shopping is used to. (Mark Zuckerberg introduced us, hence the name, get it)
Now being in a long distance relationship, Cupid decided to go to someone who would be a little more appreciative of his presence rather than us. But yeh zalim materialistic duniya kept flashing ‘love’ly gifts on every single page I browsed through. I eventually gave up to them and decided to send down a token of love. (Did you know love burns deep holes in your pockets?) Surfing to find the cheapest beautiful thing I stumbled on the page that claimed to have expert advises on what to do on valentine’s day if in a long distance relationship. A couple of pointers for you. 1. Write lots of love letters for her/him to be read every hour of the day– Is that a new thing to do when jobless. Am I missing the point?
2. Have a Skype dinner – With my net connectivity it is more likely to be a Pixel date.
And that’s when it stroke me, why not have a list of things to do on this day, which is sane and non coochy coo. If no one, at least I will have a handy to do ready for next year!!


It’s a Tuesday guys. Any point wasting a sick leave and chatting virtually all day cursing the distance? Come on even your boss knows why all the couples get sudden head and stomach aches on the 14th. Might as well get something meaningful done in life.


What better than binging on the latest television series. If not real, there shall be virtual company. If desi is on mind, you can watch Kserials as well. But they will even be celebrating Valentine’s day. No point feeling miserable. Parental guidance is advised before hitting the cinema hall. This is one day when, forget the films, the theaters are A rated. If you know what I mean. đŸ˜‰


Could there be a better advice? I definitely don’t think so. Food is BAE. It’s one relationship where there ain’t any break up worries. Has no insecurities or commitment issues. And it is just a phone call away, like literally. Spend time with this one true love.


She/He wouldn’t find out anyway. I mean there’s nothing wrong in a simple swipe and like right?


Might sound fun, but stunts are not to be performed at any cost. I won’t be there to save your back you see. So you better call him/her and have a little us time. You need not be mushy, and I believe love cannot be expressed in 24 hours. Love is much beyond the materialistic hullabaloo. Love is what keeps you going day in and out. When you haven’t seen each other in months, love is the magic that happens when you go to receive her/him at the airport!!!

Yeah, mushy button got switched on. Nevertheless, Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!!!
Live, love, celebrate. And remember to steer clear from Bajrangi bhais and Senapatis.

P. S. Pay me a prison visit. Last sentence was too much to digest for someone.

P. P. S. Let your mind speak on my mindless banter!


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