A new girl in the city

The road to independence

The waves gently kissed her feet. Again and again. The placid breeze whispered in her ears. “Come closer,” he said. Closer she went. Away from the crowd, into the sea one step at a time. The place was abuzz with hawkers screaming, children playing, families clicking groupies. But the loosely dangling headphones with a soothing music cut her out from all the worldly worries.
She hugged herself. She shivered. Was it the winter wind? Her white linen could do very little to fight the cool winds. Wasn’t it a smile that crossed her face like a lighting? Yes, she was smiling. But there was a chill that went down her spine. It was a thought. The thought that she is independent. The thought that she is all alone here. The thought that she has achieved!
Six years. Correct, she had been dreaming of this for six years. They call it the dream city. And her dream wanted her to come to this city to fulfil her goals. Her goals of rising high.
Determination, trust, and hope finally whistled and came to a halt at CST. Well, the six-hour delay barely managed to put any scare on her 6-year long cherished wish. The smile and glow on her face were unmistakable when she breathed the Mumbai air. “I did it,” was all that was playing on her mind.
And today she stood at the beach letting nature play lover. She wanted to soak in the city. The city that ran. The city that dreamt. The city that achieved. The city that never slept. She wanted to soak it all in. Not as a tourist, but as one of them. Is she a Mumbaikar? Well, ask Mumbai, if she has accepted her. She is only two months old. Knowing people, roads, and marketplaces. She is speeding up with the crowd that is running from one end to the other. Running behind success. Running behind a better life. Running to fulfil their dreams.
She is the new girl in the city. Big dark kohl lined eyes, filled with achievable dreams. Short cropped hair covering her determined cheek bones. She is the new girl in the city who is here to stay, achieve and conquer.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shantanu Sengupta says:

    Simply amazing …. and inspiring too.


  2. Srimanta says:

    Best wishes to the new girl. God bless you and let you fulfill your dream soon


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